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Face painting for 2011

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I’ve adapted well to my new palettes which I featured here.   Now that I’ve used the smaller holes with my regular sponges a for several months I am wondering why I found it “difficult” in the first place? 

I’ve also reduced the amount of things I’m carrying and changed my means of carrying them.

This is my trolley… with my FACE bag slung over the handle.

This is ALL I am taking with me now to regular gigs!  I’m so proud of myself!!  My water and garbage container are in there too!

The FACE bag has my water tub, tablecloths, rope, scissors, spare cakes of black/white/red, wash cloths, plastic trays that I use on the table, camera and other odds and ends – it holds an amazing amount of stuff.

I have decided I like soft-sided items – you can fit odd-shaped things in and shift them around and they will adapt to it.

My set-up has changed a bit with the change in palettes but I still have things in relatively the same position within my reach.

Since I don’t have all the compartments that I used to have in my rolling toolbox, I took a small plastic storage drawer (meant for a pair of shoes) I had bought to store mom’s meds in and fit all the little things into it.  It fits perfectly at the bottom of the trolley!

I got everything in the box… BUT I kept having problems getting them packed back-up after the gig!  So Naomi suggested I take a photo and tape it to the box so I could see how everything fit in… I took the photos but just leave them on the camera to check!

The box sits on the table to make multi-level surface for me AND a handy place to put lids and things I don’t need out on the table.

I also have the special cover/saddlebag that my friend CJ made(you can see it here ) for my rolling toolbox.  I made an alteration to it – opened up one of the seams and then coated the raw edges with glue to stop fraying – so that it now fits over my shopping trolley and serves the same purpose!  The opened seam allows the handle to stick out the top without causing the cover to be off level.

I’ve spent some time over the last week sorting out my studio and rearranging things.  Putting away stuff (wigs, wings, costume bits) from the shows and clearing off some shelves of ornaments and books (moved into the guest room where I have empty shelves!) so I can store more of my make-up gear.

All I have left to do downstairs is vacuum… I don’t think I’ll ever get all the glitter up.

So things are ship-shape here and all ready to go for the new year’s face painting gigs!  Have several confirmed summer and winter gigs for the year already, as well as theatre and other services.

Hope everyone has a great painting year in 2011!


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