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Our Christmas Present… 8 days late


Mom and I decided to hit Costco today – we had a few things we needed (toilet paper being the main one) and a couple of things we thought we’d like to get.

SUCCESS!!  Costco had the Keurig with the reservoir that I wanted.

My sister tried to find one for us but wasn’t able to find them anywhere and they were sold out in a lot of places up here too before Christmas (she said if we found one to let her know and she’d pay for it… so hey, Shari, it was $189.99!!!! 🙂 )

It has three sizes of brew, came with 90 (NINETY) of the K-cup thingys, a “My K-Cup” reuseable filter so we can use our own coffee if we want, has a 48-ounce water reservoir and matches the microwave – what more could a girl ask for???

They sell the K-cups in boxes of 18 – you can buy assortments or all one brand/type.

I’ve been playing with it – trying out some of the “sample” pack coffee that came with it.  So far… not impressed but it was called “chocolate glazed donut” … Then I made us some hot chocolate using just the hot water that comes out.

The brew sizes are cup, small mug and large mug – 6, 8  and 10 ounce (but are LESS than that actually according to the user’s manual!)  I used a reasonable sized mug and it was barely half full at 8 ounces.  I either have to make TWO cups or use a smaller mug.

I’ve got lots of ground coffee to use in the filter cup adapter that came with it – and mom only drinks Nabob so that’s what I’ll be using for her.  This should save a lot of wasted coffee.

Sure, if you cost out the individual K-cups against a pot of brewed coffee it is more expensive but every morning I was making a pot and every morning was dumping out quite a bit.  Mom usually only drinks one cup and I sometimes don’t drink any!  This way I will only make what is going to be drunk and no more pouring it down the drain.

Now that the cans of coffee are around $13 each it can’t be anymore expensive to buy a box of K-cups.

I was pondering where to stash the 90 K-cups that came with our machine and had an epiphany!  The cookie jar that is right beside the machine on the counter was empty… so I dumped two boxes of K-cups (that’s 36 of them) into it with plenty of room to spare!  The rest got stashed in the cereal cupboard.

So that is all neat and tidy now!

When we got home we both kind’ve conked out and napped while watching a show on tv about Uzbekistan Suzani fabrics.  It was really interesting but … AND I had intended to take down the tree… but it can wait until tomorrow (my stat for New Year’s Day.)


3 thoughts on “Our Christmas Present… 8 days late

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  2. you can order from they offer free shipping on minimum order and are very quick to ship.. good deals.

    we have the model up – and love it. our Costco here sells the K-cups in boxes of 50 for $24.99 (sold where you would buy the coffee machine – not in the coffee isle…bizarre I know)

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • This coffee maker looks like it would make some darn good coffee, but $189.00…yowsa!
      I’ve been needing/wanting a new coffee maker as of late.
      The element in mine just doesn’t get hot anymore. I like the fact that you can use your own coffee.

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