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I’m still here!

It has been hectic here… I’ve taken a bunch of photos of the SNOW etc. to post but haven’t had a chance to download them from my camera…

Just thought I’d pop in to say “hi”…. Hi!  And say I’m still here.

Been at rehearsal three nights a week (dress rehearsal is next week) for Jack and the Bean Stalk, working, trying to get everything else done that is typical for December – I STILL have some baking to finish so we can ship out presents… a week before Christmas!  Nothing like cutting it close.  But we will be shipping on Greyhound which is so much more dependable than the Post Office or a courier!

I hope to get some photos up over the weekend to show how our winter is progressing… and of my Fairy Godmother costume!  I’ve used about eight bottles of glitter fabric paint on my wings!