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More Christmas stuff

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Well, I am slowly getting things done… not sure if I’m in the “spirit” yet but at least I am ticking things off the list.

I follow a blog called Cakewrecks which is hilarious and followed a link on there to Bakerella… very cute stuff.  She makes “cake pops” which is a cake turned to crumbs, mixed up with icing, shaped and decorated.  The pops are on sticks but they are done without too.

I thought the little cupcake bites were do-able.  So on Friday night before I went to bed I baked a devil’s food cake (started at 11 p.m. – who says I’m not a night person!) and left it out to cool.

Then on Saturday morning I crumbled the whole thing!  And then mixed in a whole container of milk chocolate frosting (sorry, scratch is too labour intensive for me…) and stuck it in the fridge to cool while I did other things… like laundry, a fitting for my fairy godmother costume, got the Christmas tree out of the basement…

I got the lights up on the window and put the tree together, then got mom seated on her walker so she could put on some of the decorations.  That’s all we are doing this year… I think I will Freecycle all the other stuff we have.

Since we no longer have the shelves upstairs there is no place to set all the bits we used to use.  So… I’ll get rid of them – stuff like fabric flowers, garlands, music boxes, berries and picks, etc.

Here’s the tree:

Then once that was done I went back to the cake mash and started making small balls of it.  I wore vinyl gloves to roll them as it didn’t stick to them and made it really easy to do.  I got 88 balls out of the one cake.

I stuck them back in the fridge and took a break as I has extreme pain in my right wrist… took a pill, made us some dinner and turned on the tree lights.  The flashing ones are hypnotic…

Once the pill kicked in I went and nuked the milk chocolate candy coating and using my candy mould for peanut butter cups I started to finish my cupcake bites.

I filled the cups about half full of the melted chocolate and then pressed one of the balls into it until the chocolate came up the sides to the top, then filled the tray and put it in the freezer to set-up.  I did that eight times to get all the balls done, then put them back in the fridge.

Then I melted white chocolate candy coating and dipped the “cupcakes” into it to ice them, and then sprinkled decorations on top of each of them.  In the background I was listening to “Kelly’s Heroes” on TV with descriptive video on TAC – The Accessibility Channel.  Mom was watching it in the living room.

Descriptive video is actually quite neat – the voices were naming the make and model of the jeeps and guns and mortar sizes, etc.

So… after about five hours of work I ended up with this:

Here’s another shot… (of the prettier ones!)

And, of course, a gratuitous extreme close-up

I also made some nut clusters with the left over milk chocolate to go with my sister’s gift as she really likes them.

I still have to make peanut brittle, english toffee, oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter cookies and church window cookies for our gift giving (it is tradition).

Today I painted at another corporate Christmas Party – here’s me ready to go to work.

After the job I went to rehearsal for the Panto – arrived while they were having “intermission” so got in on the second half, then headed over to get some groceries and made it home right on time.   The clerk at the grocery store asked if “they were stickers” on my face… [sigh]

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Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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  1. They look delicious!

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