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Winter… blech

We’ve hit the deep freeze… and the snow.  Although the snow isn’t too bad as we’ve only got a couple of actual inches –  but the wind makes it into hard to shift drifts in the driveway.

The cold is pretty harsh – we had a nice long Indian Summer and the cold hit fast and hard so we weren’t ready for it. 

Windchills in the -30s overnight so far… daytime is ALMOST -30…

Temperatures are getting around -28 to -30 (forecast for Tuesday!)  so time to bundle up!  When your daytime high is only -27 when the week before it was +7… that’s a shock to the system.

However, I am always prepared and had my car winterized in September!!  I love my snow tires.

The new workplace is cold – the warehouse is not heated so I have to wear long johns and layer with fleece!

That’s the neighbours truck… I park in a heated garage!!