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Today I am super fast!  Speed of light fast!!

We’ve just had the telephone lines to our house replaced with fibre optic – new HD television service, upgraded phone and 15X faster internet!

The telephone guy was here for 4 hours – he took down the old lines to the power poles in the lane and replaced them, installed a router in our basement, ran new lines, hooked up the PVR (free with upgrade) and got us all hooked up and running.  He took all the old stuff – the router, the phone thingy, and 20+ year old whatchamacallits…

The new television service is great – you can search for your favs and it lists them all, the PVR thingy apparently can record 4 things at once while you’re watching a 5th… not sure we’ll use it much.  We kinda skipped the whole DVD thing and our VHS machine is in the basement in a plastic bag (I’m not getting rid of it while I still have my collected on STOS on VHS!!  Never know when I might want to watch them.)

The internet is MUCH quicker HOWEVER… my security service shut down yesterday – I called and they said it was in preparation for this upgrade, so I waited until the tech left (as instructed)…

I got the run-around… was put through to 4 different people… the last one set-up my account again and gave me a user name and password and then told me to wait 24 hours before re-installing the security… ahem… so I am then unprotected for 24 hours?????????  Huh?