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Crap pants!

My new day-job requires a uniform and since there is a wait for my company provided one to arrive (they have to order them and it apparently can take about a month) I went to Mark’s Work Wearhouse to buy a pair of Navy Cargo Pants to wear.  Since it is a dirty job I didn’t want to wear my usual slacks to work, and I don’t have any navy anyway.

On Oct 25th I went to the store and there was ONE pair of navy cargo type pants in my size.  They are the kind that have the zip-off leg and millions of pockets (and a belt.)  They, supposedly are a cotton/nylon blend and the receipt says “Rip-Stop Nylon Pant”…. guess what… it isn’t rip-top nylon.

WindRiver Cotton/Ripstop Nylon Zip-off Casual Pant $59.99 CAD

Today I used the washroom at work and as I was doing up my belt noticed in the mirror something white… I thought it was t.p.  No, it was a tear starting under the belt loop in the seam, tearing straight down…

I swore.  Pulled my fleece down (thankfully it was a longish top) and went back to work… every time I moved I could hear it tearing more… I told my boss who thought it was pretty funny and he said we’d need to find the duct tape.

The tear was basically running down my leg in the front… I couldn’t find the duct tape so used masking tape inside and out to try to stop the tear from getting below the hem of my fleece….

Long story short… er… it passed the hem and was hitting the top of my thigh by quitting time.  The tape didn’t help at all.

By the time I got home the tear, which got longer each time I sat or stood, was past the crease of my thigh and starting down my leg.

I went to look for the receipt as these are being returned TOMORROW and it was the first receipt I picked up from my bin!  And I still have the store bag.

I’m really pissed cause they were very comfortable and I loved all the pockets!  But no way do I want to replace with the same – because if these ripped so could another pair!

So wish me luck trying to find another pair of navy cargo pants tomorrow so I have something to wear to work on Friday!