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Started art classes this week – would you believe “Beginner Drawing”?!

It was the only drawing class at the Arts Centre so I signed up and hoped for the best.   Luckily it is a serious drawing class with a real artist/instructor.

The first class was all 30 second gesture drawings of some pots… over and over, then a 5 minute version of the same.

Amy is taking the extra hours sitting with mom – said she’s fine with coming back after a dinner break for a couple of hours.

I did get a few applications for the casual part-time position from nursing students and will interview them as I still need someone for weekends to sit with mom when I am on jobs and at rehearsals.

Next weekend is getting booked so solid I’m hoping to have time to feed and water mom occasionally!  Amy is going to sit with her Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon while I’m out at bookings, but once I’m taking appointments in the house there won’t be anyone upstairs with her.  She did survive the day of the body painting back in September but that wasn’t a paying customer.

Tonight I booked a couple more appointments for the 30th – a glittery flashy design to go with a butterfly costume, and full on latex burns on face/arms/hands… as well the rest of the bookings already confirmed.

I am fully expecting the guys that I’ve painted the last two years to call at the last-minute, AGAIN… they’ve called me the night before AND on the day of in the past… I fit them in as once I get going people just come and go and I just keep painting!

I block 30 minutes per, so usually have ample time to fit in the walk-ins as long as they don’t mind waiting until I finish the booked people.

And I start training for the new job on Monday – have to learn three or four different computer packages/systems, and I suppose about petroleum, gas, diesel, oil, etc.

And I think I need to take WHMIS again before moving over there.  I just re-certified on First Aid in September.

I’m booked for a boudoir photo shoot on Nov 6.  A groups of friends are having photos done and I’m confirmed to do the make-up for at least two of them (who are willing to pay my rate) – possibly the others will decide at the last minute to get done too.  It happens all the time at weddings.

First read-through for the Panto is on Nov 7th and the rehearsals are generally Sundays, Tuesday and Thursdays until Boxing Day.  I have a copy of the script but they’ve added a bunch more characters so I don’t think there is much point in starting to learn my whole six lines because they’ve probably been re-written!

Tomorrow is my last day off until… um.. I guess November 11th which is Remembrance Day.

And what a day off it will be… have to change the beds, do almost two weeks worth of laundry, vacuum floors and furniture, dust, get the hose outside disconnected and drained for winter, get my studio arranged for the Halloween weekend bookings, get some paperwork/contracts done and sent out, clean the tub (have to rip up the mat and clean under it … ick), I still haven’t unpacked from the show which closed last weekend – have to wash the brushes/capes/towels, and was thinking of pre-making some dinners for the week so they are easy to heat and serve.

And there is a pile of clean laundry sitting in my bedroom – I didn’t hang or fold it so it is all really wrinkled… and I don’t iron… hmmm, what to do, what to do…



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