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New job (day-job that is!)

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Well… today at work at the day-job I was asked if I would take another position.  The job I am currently at is a one-year term (mat leave) which is already 4 months gone and the job I was offered is permanent.  The current gal gave two-weeks notice today and the General Manager and Controller asked me together if I would be interested in it.

So…. I accepted it.  As of Monday I will be training on all the computer systems at my current office, and then the next week I will be training with the gal who is in the job currently before she leaves.

I’m not even sure what the job title is!!  But it is at the bulk plant which is a card-lock and gas bar with a store and I would be the inside staff person.  It is open 7-5 Monday to Friday so no problem with weekend conflicts.  My hours will be 9-5ish which will work for my theatre commitments too.

So… now I don’t have to think/worry about what I was going to do after the term was up! 

Oh… and I get to wear a uniform.  I like uniforms…


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