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Costume quest

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I have been cast as “F. E. (Fairly Enlightened) Godmother” again  – this will be my third time playing her – in the Christmas Panto.  I really want a new costume (I always put together my own because… well, let’s say that I am too fussy as I want a costume that FITS ME and actually is flattering and leave it at that shall we!?)

This is me the last time I was “Effie” – I wore my belly dancing costume:

So today mom and I hit the two big Halloween costume shops in town – Value Village and San Fransisco.

VV had the PERFECT thing… in SMALL!!!!!!!!!!  It was in browns, coppers, golds – called “The Baroness” – a 17th century style with the bodice and full skirt, sleeves… really nice.  I asked and was told that was the ONLY one of that design they got and they would not be getting in anymore.

Then I found a wedding dress in the clothing section that was even more perfect… tried it on… TOTAL CRAP!!!  It was just a couple of inches too small around – the zipper wouldn’t go up past my waist… it would have been perfect.

I could have bought it and then had alterations done I suppose – it was $79.  It was long-sleeved, with cut outs at the throat and back, the top was completely beaded, the skirt was full with a train, with beadwork, weighed a ton.  Alterations would probably be over $100…. now if it was for a wedding I might spend the money, but for costume for a play that I really should not be spending my own money on, well….

I still may go back for it… Have to sleep on it.

I had all these gags that popped into mind that I could work into the play if I was wearing a wedding gown… I get to ad lib and interact with the audience so I can make-up my own material. Well, to a certain extent because the director seems to want me to stick to the script for some reason.

SF has a whole large store completely dedicated to Halloween… nothing BUT Halloween… and NO LARGE SIZES!  I asked after looking in vain for anything my size.  How on earth can you buy for a store for Halloween and NOT stock larger sizes????  Makes no sense in North America.

Actually, as I sit here the more I think I should go back tomorrow and pick-up that wedding dress… I could embellish the edges of the cutouts, cuffs and hem with coloured gems to match my wings… hmm


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