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Happy Oktoberfest

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So.. roll out the barrel and let’s have a barrel of fun!  I enjoy a good polka but will pass on the beer as I have never developed a taste for it.

So another October is upon us… Thanksgiving, Halloween, harvest, autumn, snow and wind… Not necessarily in that order.  Around here parents design costumes to fit over top of snow suits!

I’ve been getting lots of inquiries for body painting and costume work for Halloween… unfortunately due to the time involved in doing the jobs I am limited to one or two per day.  And with most of the clubs having their parties on Saturday, October 30 everyone wants to get painted then.

I’ve had to turn down several body painting jobs… bummer.

Took a party booking for October 31 which will be fun – 30-odd six-year olds in costume to be painted for Trick or Treating!

Should hear in another week how my body painting did in the contest I submitted the photos to.  I was very happy with the design and how it turned out… just have to wait and see what others think.  I’m sorry I can’t see the other entrant’s photos though – I’m not sure I’ll ever see them as they are not usually published – just the winner generally.


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