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Adventures with mom

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I mentioned that we made an appointment for mom for acupuncture, however, she is not physically able to have it.  Because she is not able to lay on her stomach and isn’t stable when seated they were not able to provide treatment as the needles could break off if she wobbles.

So, we now have her booked into a physiotherapy clinic for the 20th.  Hopefully they will be able to offer some treatment to assist with her pain, and rehabilitation.

I’ve had a few people recommend the Bowen Technique so we’ll ask about that when she goes in for her first appointment.  We also need to find out how much of it is covered by her health insurance – the first appointment is, but we don’t know about anything else.

I have just hired a third caregiver who will be “sitting” with mom on the evenings I have to be at the theatre.  As she has other jobs too she can’t stay past 8 p.m. therefore I can’t stay late at the theatre.  So it is a good thing that the theatre changed the start times of the shows to 7 p.m. from 8 p.m.

It is getting dark here by 8 p.m. now… the sun is setting and it is damp.  The trees are dropping leaves and the wind is blowing them down the street.  It is very dark when I get up too… the sun isn’t actually up until 7:30 a.m… we are on less than 13 hours of daylight already.


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