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Okay, here we go!

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Have a model and a photographer (a real live actual professional willing to do TFP) lined up for Sunday, have a design in my head and loads of reference images saved.  Have my backdrop and work lights ready.

Just need to sketch the design out on paper for placement as it will be telling a story and I want it to flow.

My model is a co-worker who is VERY keen… she’s really excited.  You know how people say, when you mention you are a body-painter/make-up artist, “Oh if you ever need a model!”… well, this gal said that and then everyday would tell me again “I’m really serious, I would LOVE to model for you.”  She’s petite so less area to paint which I hope means it won’t take as long as usual… but, I also have a fair amount of detail to do.

I won’t be able to put up photos of it until after the competition… but I’ll tease ya!  LOL


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