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Halloween is only 52 sleeps!

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Halloween season is pretty close!

With Halloween actually falling on Sunday this year I expect that most of my appointments will be Friday and Saturday for the club and party goers.  I’m already booked for a bodypainting the afternoon of October 30th.

People are starting to ask about ideas for costumes and painting designs… I’ve got my Halloween Design Idea Sheet which contains 16 different seasonal designs for inspiration.  The sheet is available to purchase from along with my nine other Design Idea Sheets. (if you would like to purchase contact me via my Contact Page for more info.) This is how the sheet looks… it is on standard size stock and laminated.

I really enjoy painting to match costumes or characters!  Last year one of my co-workers had me paint her as an assassin named Mimi – she was wearing a school girl uniform, had her hair in pig-tails, a bloody knife – I made her look “harder” and nasty!  Another co-worker named Rob had me paint him as a Zombie…. get it? a Zombie named Rob?  Rob Zombie? Took me all day for it to click!!  It was fun.


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