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had a scare

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Last night mom fell.

I was helping her to bed as usual, and turned to push her walker into the closet like I always do and she decided to bend over to push-off her pants BEFORE I got back to stand beside her… she lost her balance and fell over onto her head!

CRAP… my heart leap into my throat.  She was wailing… her head and shoulder hurt, she was partly under the metal frame of the bed so I couldn’t get her up without moving the bed as I could not pull her out without hurting her…

She really scared herself badly.  The crack on the head was pretty solid as she landed on it, but no swelling and once we managed to get her up on the bed and she calmed down there didn’t appear to be any real damage… her shoulder did show a red patch where she hit. 

Luckily she landed on the carpet NOT the hardwood so the crack on the head was somewhat cushioned.

I checked on her a couple of times before I went to bed and she was okay.  This morning there are no ill effects thank goodness.

Usually I make her push-off her pants and socks at bedtime, but I stand there with my hand on her shoulder for balance… she got impatient and decided to do it before I got to her.

I don’t think she’ll do it again as she really scared herself, AND ME!


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