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Need some ideas…

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There are a couple of deadlines coming up for body and face painting competitions that I completely forgot about!!

Now I’m trying to think of designs that fit the theme.  Getting a model shouldn’t be a problem as I’ve suddenly got willing models popping up all over for body painting.

The idea needs to be something I think will be of a winning standard – particularly because the theme is something that will generate similar ideas amongst artists!  Nothing worse than coming up with a design and then seeing seven other versions of the same general idea at the competition!

Have to do some research to see what pops up on the net!

I made mom an appointment with an accupuncturist.  She saw the doctor yesterday and he agreed that it might be very helpful for her pain and possibly help with rehab.  So next week she goes for her first session.  It is not covered by our health insurance so we will be paying for it.  $80 per one hour session.  Hope it helps ease her pain.


One thought on “Need some ideas…

  1. well, now I’m curious, what are the themes? Would love to throw a few ideas your way


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