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Oy! What is this?

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Bugs are interesting aren’t they?  But there are SOOOOO many of them that I never can figure out what they are.

This one decided to visit us on our gig – he’s on the pole of the pop-up awning. I want to find out what he is…

Pretty cool bug!  Love the antenna – see the segments? 

Our petunias are doing well this season.  We may be getting an early fall as we have zero forecast for a low on Monday so the petunias may be toast on Tuesday.

I was contacted last week about participating in a gala catwalk show for Arts Week in Alberta as they thought my body painting would be a good fit for the show – they didn’t say what DAY it was on, so I emailed them back to ask.   I didn’t get a response (I gave it 5 days) so I phoned the arts centre in town to ask what day the Gala was… the person answering the phone at the facility HOSTING the event had to go and check!

Unfortunately it is on a Friday so very awkward.  Amy was game to be my model… VERY game!  So I know I have a willing body model, but we won’t be able to do it. 

While I could possibly take off that day from the day job – the problem is that mom is having very serious all-day tests at the hospital on the Thursday and I really don’t think she’d be up to hanging around while I body paint her care aide all day!

Too bad, it would have been quite fun… my mind actually doesn’t want to let the idea go and I keep having flashes of ideas for a design and accessories!  As it isn’t a competition anything goes as far as accessories and attachments!  It is a show of “Wearable Art” so I have many ideas bouncing around… oh well, maybe next year!


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