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Neat new product – TattooCharms

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There is a new product out there for those who want to up-sell with their face painting and tattoo services.  It is rather cool too!!

TattooCharms are reuseable charms that you attach with adhesive tabs and then embellish with tattoos, airbrush or face paints.

I tried out the charms and they are very easy to wear – the adhesive and the cover dot that allows you to paint over it were not felt all day and held without any problems – mine was waving about all day as I face painted as I had it in the middle of my forehead, so every time I leaned over it swayed back and forth.

There are many different charms available – I just got a sample of six to try out.  I quite like them.  And the bonus is at the end of the day you peel off the adhesive tab and you still have the charm to use again.

You can cover the dot with face paint as I did, or use water transfer tattoos, or airbrush a stencil, etc.  It has many possibilities.

The company sells complete kits that include the charms, adhesive tabs and cover dots, as well as tattoos and themed kits.  They have pricing for professional face painters who want to order volume so be sure to check it out.

My only concern was the time involved and fiddliness of getting the adhesive tab onto the charm, then getting the backing off, placing it, getting the cover dot peeled off the backing and placing it on top… for me it was a bit difficult due to grip issues that I have as tiny things, particularly tiny sticky things, can be a bit hard for me to handle nowadays.

For painters working sporting events I can see these being a great add-on with the older teens and young adults!  And for theme events you can have specific charms – for Pirate Days the skull and crossbones would be perfect!  You could attach it as an earring or to the bandana!

And the kids can freak out their parents by faking an eyebrow piercing too… not that I am suggesting anything of the sort!! 

Now I just have to figure out how to include these in my offerings.  They will work particularly well for Pay-Per-Face painters, but as I work hourly I wouldn’t include them in that rate.  I might create a menu of  add-ons for cost to use at public venue jobs… hmm… will have to ponder that.

Overall, a big thumbs up for this product.


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