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Two jobs today

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Today I ended up with two gigs.  Did make-up for a wedding – for the MC not the bride – this morning.  And then face painted this afternoon at the Races – the County and Evergreen Park put on “A Day in the Country” with races, midway and lots of stuff – sort of an abbreviated county fair.

I was only booked for two-hours of painting at the stadium and once there found out there was another painter on the midway who was also “free”… and the faces I saw were … well, messes. 

But the kids were complete messes so the painting may have been fine to start with… but these kids were coming to me to paint them again.  I refused to paint them until they washed the other stuff off… looked like it MAY have been a “camouflage” design.

They washed but were still green…

There was one child that needed a good swat and to be taught some manners and, well, it would have been nice if A PARENT had been there!! 

He was maybe three… small, talking and REALLY annoying and did not behave at all well.  I was in a gazebo on risers, there were three walls and I had tables set-up so the opening was only a few feet wide.  He would come in and walk around the table, jump up and down, lean on me, lean on my stuff, bang on the table, bang on the chairs, stomp all over the risers… all the while holding himself – you know what I mean!

I told him to go and pee before I painted him (thinking he was next in line) but he refused to, I said – LOUDLY – get your mom/dad/sister to take you, he refused.  There seemed to be no one who was responsible for him… he continued to do everything I told him NOT to… there were a couple of women with kids who seemed to be his “aunts” but who also said “I’m glad he’s not mine.”

He wasn’t next in line… he was about eight back!!  And continued to be annoying until it was his turn… he was a little fidgety but actually was pretty still for the painting (a pirate)… HOWEVER, if there had been some adult around to take ownership of him I would have refused to paint him at about the 12th time I told him to STOP doing things!

I painted myself with a nose horse… kinda cute, I thought.  But no one wanted one. 

Did a few unicorns, rainbow butterflies, kitties, puppies, dragons and dinos… a Blue Jay logo in lime green, a couple of pirates, and a really bad tiger – the child was NOT three although was big so I though she/he was older UNTIL I started to paint them… NOT!!!!  Complete mess… the child kept swiping at their face when I went to make stripes and was completely unfocused.  Wish I’d realized before I started… bloody awful painting!

Tomorrow mom and I are going to see Expendables… love a good action movie!!

Next weekend I’m painting at an Ag Fair in another town – an annual booking.


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