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I think I need a break

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I had a wedding booked for today but she cancelled last night – apparently her mother arrived and threw a hissy fit because she wanted to do the make-up.  My non-client said she resisted at first but gave in for the sake of family peace… I’ve no idea whether mom is a make-up artist, a Mary Kay rep or what.  Oh well… at least I didn’t have to get up early on Saturday.

Shame though, the bride was a beautiful blonde and looked great when we did the pre-test make-up.  I like doing pretty wedding parties!!

Mom’s been getting lots of outings during the week with Amy.  Now that we have the nice wheelchair Amy gets mom out and has been meeting me at the store when I get off work.  They went to the denture clinic one day, around the park trails the next, the Farmer’s Market another…

Since mom’s getting out several times during the week it isn’t so important to go out on errands on the weekend.  I hadn’t planned anything for today as I was expecting to be working for the morning, but since I didn’t have to go out I’ve been cleaning.

I haven’t vacuumed for two weeks… we were away all last weekend so I didn’t get it done.  It is a weekend chore.  So now we have giant dust beavers in the corners and under furniture.  I have no idea where all the crap comes from… we all wear socks or bare feet in the house, so how do we end up with all sorts of stuff all over the floors??????

I got mom up and then started cleaning… did the bathroom – the big clean, you know, the tub, the tiles, the toilet… not just a wipe down.  I had the shower chair out of the tub on the floor, the rubber mat ripped up and laying over the counter, towels all over the floor as I was making a big mess spraying water all over….

Before I started I took mom to the toilet… within 10 minutes she called out that she had to go again… since I hadn’t cleaned the commode yet, I put her on there as  I couldn’t get her in the bathroom due to the mess…

Then I went back to cleaning the tub – which was icky under the mat.  Ten minutes later, she has to go again… and so it has been going all day.  Every ten to fifteen minutes she HAS to go… I help her up, roll her to the toilet… and she’ll sit there DOING NOTHING for 15 minutes… finally, drip, drip, then back to her chair.


She’s in there now, again…

I made chicken stock last night… forgot about it until bedtime, so instead of staying up to deal with it, I put it in the oven overnight on 170C.  The stock is really rich after sitting all night!  I dumped in an entire bottle of dried lemon grass, whole pepper corns and a bay leaf as well as roasting the carcass until it was crispy and brown… makes really nice flavoured stock that way.  The lemon grass is a new thing… mainly cause I’ve had that bottle for about a decade or more and hadn’t used it yet… and lemon goes very well with chicken. 

I think I’ll make a chicken hot-pot tonight with the stock, black fungus, rice and some chicken pieces I’ve got in the freezer.

I’m not sure why laundry is a never-ending chore… there are ONLY two of us, why am I doing a load or two every day??  I think the towels are breeding in the laundry hamper… they HAVE to be, because I don’t remember putting TWENTY in there!

I’ve been really tired this week… even put mom to bed an hour early so I could as well… but it really doesn’t help because then she just wakes me up to pee a few extra times … [sigh]

One night I was sleeping so deeply that I felt nauseous when she woke me up – stumbling up and trying to help her up onto the commode was really difficult and I felt like hurling the whole time.  The third time she woke me around 3:55 I told her NOT to wake me until 6 when I had to get up anyway…

So… when I got up and asked her if she needed to go before I got in the shower she said she went in the bucket?!

There is an ice cream bucket on the table beside her bed for trash – so because I said NOT to wake me, she pulled the bucket into bed, used it as a bed pan… but SPILLED some in the bed.  She was hanging onto one of the rails to keep herself off the wet spot.

I said WHY?  She said I told her not to wake me up again….

So now I had to strip the bed down (thank god I had a moisture proof mattress cover on it!!) before I could leave for work… and make sure that there were no other spills… the bucket was full of tissues so they soaked up most of it so there wasn’t any other damage.

Gave her the lecture… DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!  It only makes more work for me in the end, so wake me up.

I am getting tired though.  I need some time away or at least to have someone here while I am to deal with mom’s needs.  There are funds to pay for the hours – I just have to hire another person to work them… and I can’t seem to find the time to deal with it.

I got spoiled on the part-time hours in the bakery – I had time to make appointments and attend them, run errands, work on projects, deal with things during business hours (ever notice how businesses keep business hours so you can’t get there if you work full-time during business hours?)

Now that I am working over 40 hours a week at the store, plus my make-up bookings, I am finding it really difficult to make calls and deal with regular household things during the week.

I walk in the door after work and mom has to go to the toilet right NOW (I think the sight of me must trigger the response) … I put away groceries (I usually have to pick up something on the way home), make dinner, do laundry, water the garden, change…

Oh geesh… she’s got to go again…

Okay… she’s sitting there again… doing nothing …

So… where was I?

Oh yeah, I start something, mom calls out she has to go, I go take her… then start something else… she calls out, I start something else… then I …

She’s done, gotta get her off the toilet.

Okay, where was I?

Right, so then I walk into the kitchen and see the half unpacked groceries that I was trying to put in the fridge still on the counter… start to finish doing that… while trying to remember what it was I actually came into the kitchen for this time… you can see how this goes, right?

Sometimes I just want to nap without being woken up or go to bed REALLY early without having to get up until morning… or, just run down to the store without the whole production of getting mom ready and in the car – I just want to pop out quickly, but, can’t cause mom can’t be alone.

Ah… the dryer just went off.  Time to go deal with yet more laundry, and I’d better start dinner.  AND… right, she has to go again… !!!!!!!!!!


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