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Music (and face painting) in the wilderness

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Got back home this afternoon after spending the weekend face painting at Grizfest.  It is a music festival held at a small town up in the Rocky Mountains.  It is a mining town/company town that has had a rebirth in the last few years – the mines were reopened.

I paint there every year – they get sponsors to pay for the children’s activities which are then free for the kids under 12 years.  Generally there are bouncy houses, face painting, games and this year a children’s entertainer performing on stage, a stilt walker and roaming balloon artists.

This year the event grew!!  The number of vendors about tripled, the attendance was massive compared to last year and vehicles were everywhere!  This year there was actually coffee available at almost every food vendor – last year there was NONE!!

And there was tons of food choices, as well as a henna artist and a booth doing glitter tattoos.  The henna started at $20 and the glitter tatts were $7, $15, $25-28.  I was “free”… but did get one $2 tip!

Saturday was very hot, with showers occasionally.  The ice cream, sno-cone, iced cap, vendors were doing VERY well.  Sunday was a lot cooler so the vendors selling hot drinks and food were getting their turn. 

The food vendor cooking nearest us was grilling buffalo burgers in bbq sauce which kept mom hungry all day… she ate really well this weekend.

The festival provides us with a hotel for two nights and seeing that the town only has three, the one we are at is where all the bands stay too.

We had breakfast with Doug Johnson of Loverboy yesterday.  He was by himself at a table in the “complimentary breakfast area” and it was the only table we could park mom at so we asked if we could join him.

We introduced ourselves and chatted (we didn’t KNOW he was with a band but thought he might be) about cover bands, Elvis impersonators, theatre in Vancouver… Mom asked him if he was in town for Grizfest and he said he was in one of the bands.

Another one of the band came over and told us they actually named the band after Doug back in the old days.

Amy immediately went and updated her FB page about meeting Loverboy.

Amy took some photos – I still have to unpack my camera to see what she took.

That girl is amazingly inventive and capable.  My table top display wasn’t stable in the wind so I was trying to use things on the table to stabilize it (I bought grommets intending to put them on the display so I could tie it off, but did not get it done before we had to leave)… Amy gets my pink rope and strings it across the uprights of the canopy twice, then stands the display up flat between the ropes!!  It held flat in position even in the strongest gusts!

Then when we started getting rain blowing in she asked if I had another table-cloth, I did, so she got it out and created walls to stop the rain – it was a bonus that the canopy and the table cloths actually matched in colour!


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