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Off to the mountains for the long weekend

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We are heading to Grizfest on Saturday morning.  I’ll be face painting Saturday and Sunday at the festival.

I’m getting things organized today.  Amy is coming with mom and I, and two of mom’s brothers and her older sister will be there too.

It is over a three-hour drive up into the Rocky Mountains to a small mining town.  It is really beautiful and the drive is on great roads – half of the drive is through forest – two lane highway, no shoulders, no people, no houses, nothing but trees, mountains, moose, deer, wolves… I put on the cruise control and off we go.  But the foot is in position to hit the brakes – deer have a habit of popping up out of nowhere!

Hope to have lots of photos to show – this is the only event where we get photos “at work” so the plan is for Amy to get the permission forms signed and take the photos while I paint.  When she isn’t taking care of mom.

Mom will be the “brush washer” again.  So we’ll all be busy.

The main bands on Saturday include Chilliwack, Loverboy and Doc Walker; on Sunday, Nazareth – those are the ones I know, the other two on Sunday are Social Code and Mariana’s Trench neither of which I’ve ever heard of.  There are other bands too running all day, but these are the 5,7 and 9 p.m. performances.

Last year we were rained out before the end of the second day… weather forecast is pretty similar this year.


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