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Checked out the Street Performer’s Festival

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Amy dropped mom off at the store this afternoon when I got off work and then mom and I went to check out the Street Performer’s Festival.

Mom was test driving a seat cushion for her wheelchair.  The Home Care Occupational Therapist left two with us for mom to try for comfort so we’ve been trying them out. 

We watched a couple of performances – a break dancing troupe and a juggler.  Unfortunately I forgot to put cash in my wallet this morning – I had planned to, was going to take the cash I was paid last night for doing make-up for a wedding pre-test… but instead of putting it in my wallet then, I put it on my desk and forgot about it.  So I feel guilty for not tipping the performers.

There were three faces painters there – same three as they have every year.  Their rates were $5, $8 and $10.  The henna artist’s sign said “Starting at $2o”  and the airbrush tattoo artists did not have any visible price but their sign said that it took 5 to 10 minutes to do an airbrush tattoo… Huh?  They aren’t going to make much money working THAT slow with an airbrush!

I was curious to see how these face painters had adapted to the “new” regulations – meaning the province wide adoption of the old Calgary health regulations regarding face painting.  They had a handwash station that I never saw them use, and were using brushes without cleaning them… they did seem to be using one sponge per person at least.

Mom commented on how the one painter we were watching was “scrubbing” the paint onto the child’s face rather than tapping like I do.

Afterwards we went to Earl’s for dinner – we both went big.  Mom had the planked salmon and I had the baby-back ribs and we shared a chocolate sticky toffee pudding for dessert… no drinks, just water… and the bill was $65! Ouch!

We justified it by saying it was our birthday dinner… mine just passed and mom’s coming up!


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