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Mom and I went to see “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” yesterday… it was okay.  Mom got a bit fidgety… making comments “this is so slow” “why don’t they get on with it”… and she got a bit cold and I had to get up to shove her left arm into her jacket to keep her hand warm.  She kept sighing…

We discovered that the handicapped stall at the theatre is very roomy and laid out well… I am becoming quite an expert on handicapped toilets and parking stalls.  With the toilet stalls – BACK IN!!  Learned that the hard way the first time we decided to use one.

One of the Japanese restaurants handicapped stall is horrible.  They’ve got the baby changing table in there too, it is broken and takes up all the space.  I tried to hold it up with my back but it kept falling and whacking me on the back as I was helping mom on and off the toilet.

And with the parking stall, make sure it is passenger side access space, and try to get on a curb… you would not believe the number of A**holes that will park over the line of the parking stall, right up against you, even though the handicapped stall is marked, our car has the parking permit and the stall lines are clearly being overlapped! 

We came out of Staples to find a giant pick-up truck had parked right up beside us, overlapping the handicap stall markings by about three feet.  He came out while we were standing there swearing at the driver in absentia… so I stopped swearing and just gave him polite hell. 

He was sheepish about it and apologized, said the car next to him didn’t leave any room… what about the other 203 parking stalls in the lot you dimwit!!!  You didn’t need to park in front of the store entrance did you?

A surprizing number of people stop and offer to help me with lifting the wheelchair in and out of the car.  And to assist with moving mom too.  That’s nice.  I don’t take them up on it, but it is nice.

On the other hand… when you see someone pushing a wheelchair towards an entrance door that you are about to go through yourself… maybe holding the door open would be nice instead of letting it slam in their faces???

This is aimed at the family who walked in front of us at the mall yesterday as we were about to get to the entrance all of them cut in front of us and dad brought up the rear, letting the door slam shut behind him…  Mom called out “THANK YOU!!” at the top of her voice!  LOL

Most people are really nice and will rush in front to hold the doors open – some of the stores either don’t have the automatic doors with the buttons or they don’t work if they are there. I am getting pretty good using my butt and pulling the wheelchair through backwards… mom’s not thrilled with it, but needs must.

The new wheelchair is light and easy to steer and push.  Mom can “drive” herself in it, but she gets tired quickly… or SAYS she is tired… I think  she’s working it.

She tends to take off at top speed and then loses steam really quickly.  I keep telling her to slow down and she might be able to last longer.

I’ve been trying to return the other chair to the Red Cross.  I rushed over to their office on Friday after work only to discover that they are open 8:30 to 3:30… ARGH.  So today I phoned over from work… apparently they are only open Tuesday – Friday.

I am hoping they will be able to either have someone there for when I can deliver it, or tell me to put it in the back or something.  What an inconvenience.   The amount of the donation I was going to make is shrinking with my irritation!


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