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I’m older than I was


My birthday was this week… was a non-event really.  I picked up Chinese on the way home so I wouldn’t have to cook.

They had a cake at work for the July birthdays which was nice and we all got a card.  My sister phoned, twice, to say Happy Birthday.  And Anne and Jill sent mom and I two huge baskets – one of fruit and one of chocolate.

Mom was a bit upset that she couldn’t bake me a cake but we usually never ate it all anyway.  Now we have about 50 lbs of fruit to eat and all that chocolate so won’t miss the cake at all!

I worked on Sunday, and have to work on Saturday too, and on Sunday mom wants to go see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Next year… I think turning 50 will deserve a trip. I’ll save up all my vacation time and take mom to the UK to visit Anne & Jill… and I may give them some warning.


4 thoughts on “I’m older than I was

  1. Hey, Happy Belated Birthday, Shannon! About your big FIVE OH next year – well, send me a sympathetic thought in a week and a half. I’m about to turn the big (gulp) – SIX OH. So, you’re still good to go, girl! I’m still trying to figure out where all those years went!


  2. Hello Shannon! (it’s the noobie from living canvas 2009) Happy Be-Lated Birthday! Hope you enjoy all that chocolate!
    Every now and again I’ll pop in to read your blog……. unfortunately it’s been a great while. I just read the last 6 months worth. I’m deeply sorry to read about your mom. You are stronger than I could be and you are a wonderful daughter. I work with people with disabilities, and whether they were born with it or it happened later in life, it takes a huge toll on family. The best thing you could ever have done was bring Amy in. You don’t need me to tell you the relief it is to have a break, even if it’s just getting out to go to another job. I must admit though, you crack me up. I would never take such a serious matter and laugh, but woman, you’re writing skills make it hard! The ongoing pee saga is killing me! Let’s hope this resolves itself soon!
    I wish you the best and hope your mom gets stronger everyday. I was looking forward to seeing you again at Living Canvas, but it looks like you have more important matters. I hope I’m not as shy this year…. I really want to do more face painting. My Glitter Tattoos are a big hit, but still too new…. kids will always want their faces painted….. brats (with a loving smile) “I’ll put the butterfly on your arm, no not on your face, on your ARM”…. “look how pretty it sparkles and it won’t wash off like paint!”
    I swear I need a banner that says that! I’m doing a 4 day fair and a 2 day Gay Pride festival in August! It should be fun! Tal Thompson from Y-body (glitter tattoo distributor)told me that if you put it where they want it, you’ll do great!! That should be interesting at the Pride festival! LOL
    Well, in any case, I really hope you take the “me” time you need and know you’re doing a great job with your mom. I hope that one day we cross paths again.

    Take Care,

  3. happy b-lated birthday.

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