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Took mom out today to Buy More, er, Best Buy, to check out readers.

She’s been trying to read Under the Dome by Stephen King since Christmas.  She had just started it when she had her stroke and she’s been trying to read it over the last seven months but the book is too big for her to hold and none of the book stands/holders that we’ve tried work for holding it.  With one hand she can’t hold it and turn pages.

So we stopped in and the nice kid helped us try out two of the Sony Readers.  The demo models that were attached to the furniture were on too short cords for mom to hold and try out, so he opened up boxes so she could hold and try out working models.

Mom was in her new wheelchair which was delivered on Thursday and was test driving an arm attachment with a small table surface so she put the reader on that to use it.

It has some sample books and excerpts on it so she read a bit of Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy to see how the reader worked.

We chose the touch screen model and got the adapter cord too.  Cost $273.

So we got home and I got it all set-up on my computer, signed into the Reader Store… bought Under the Dome, got it loaded on the reader and mom’s been reading it for the last couple hours. 

We also went to Costco… mom’s new chair is lighter and fits her properly (since it was ordered for her) and she can propel herself along which is why we went to Costco. 

We haven’t been doing much shopping on our weekend outings since I had to push her in the loaner chair and could not use a cart for shopping.  At Costco mom propelled herself with her good leg and arm or I could push her chair with one hand and drag the cart with my other without too much effort.

She started out racing around but got tired quickly, so she slowed down and rested while I pushed her for a bit, then she’d drive herself for a bit.

She caused a couple of traffic jams… got herself in the middle of the demo tables at one of the intersections and had all traffic in all directions at a stand still!

The new chair is a lot lighter and easier to use for getting in and out of the car too as the leg rests actually lock back and also are lower so not likely to hit the car if they swing.

It is still hot… not as hot, but still horrible and sticky.   I know I complain about snow but I would love to have to shovel the driveway right now!!!


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