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so hot… send ice…

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I hate heat.  Today was 28C.  Tomorrow is forecast to be 32C…. and stay up there for the next 4-5 days.

The lawn is turning brown (which is good as it won’t grow then!), the petunias need water everyday, and I love my car air conditioner and command start!  I start the car as I leave work and it is nice and cold by the time I walk over to the parking lot.

The clematis plants are completely covered in blooms!  Huge blooms.  And the petunias are started to spread out quite nicely.

We’ve got oscillating fans in the house – two-floor standing in the living area and table tops in our bedrooms… the windows are all open and the furnace fan is turned on…. and it is still hot.

Our drinking water gets “hot” sitting on the table and we’re going through ice cubes like crazy.

I’m seriously considering going and sitting in the car with the A/C turned on and watching TV on my laptop.


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