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On painting one’s self

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I’m one those face painters who tries to always work with my face painted. 

I look on it as advertising, part of my “uniform”, gets me into parking areas as I MUST be the face painter, and… sometimes the most important reason… it is a disguise!! 

I find it a lot easier to be firm with line jumpers and demanding people when I have my face painted!  Not that I am a wimp or easily intimidated, it is just that living in a small town you will run into almost everyone at some point and it is nice when you don’t get recognized from other places.

I find it very easy to paint myself.  I’m always here and available when I want to paint a new design.  I don’t fidget or complain about how long it takes.  And I usually am willing to sit here for multiple paintings in one session.

And I don’t need a photo/model release form in order to use photos of myself for advertising or display.

I actually have so many photos of myself on my new Fast Faces display that the kids comment on it!  I needed photos for a new display for an upcoming job so painted myself 17 times in one afternoon.

Taking photos of myself is getting easier too.  I used to get mom to take them for me, but since that doesn’t work anymore, I have got the angle figured out and think I am getting nice shots myself.  I actually like the photos I have taken, which is a change as I used to hate photos of myself.

People ask me  “Did you paint yourself?” and often express surprise that I did. Why?  It is women who ask me most of the time.  Isn’t it the same as putting on make-up?  I actually think it is easier because putting on eyeliner is HARD to do!!

I generally paint myself to match what I am wearing in the summer and seasonal stuff the rest of the year – for winter or Christmas, etc.  I will also paint to match the event theme whatever that maybe.

Here’s a collection of paintings I did on myself:


One thought on “On painting one’s self

  1. Firstly – love your photos and the designs. I’m not really in the realm of “regularly gigging face painter” yet, though I’ve done some and always – always! – paint myself. As you said, it’s good advertising, means nobody asks you why you’re there when you first arrive, and additionally it leaves no doubt as to the quality of your work. Anyone (as we see so often) can steal photos of others’ work, and I think seeing your face painted, and your face on the boards, reassures the client that you’re the real deal, so to speak.

    In short – yes! Agreed! Thanks for a great post, and I hope you have a wonderful festive season.

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