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Happy Canada Day

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I don’t have a face painting gig for Canada Day.  I used to paint at the local big event but they decided volunteers were cheaper… and also started hiring an airbrush tattoo artist.  Which is fine.  The volumes are extremely high and I was not interested in doing pay-per-face. 

So today I got a chance to be a bit lazy.  Since it is an “extra” day off I’m not doing any housework other than the dishwasher and one load of laundry.

Took mom out to the front yard to admire the flowers while I watered them and weeded, then wheeled her “cross-country” to the backyard to check out our apple tree and our flowering rhubarb plant!

Until this plant bloomed last year I had no idea rhubarb even had a flower!  It lasts for months too.  Here is a close up of the flower stalk.

I kept meaning to spray the apple tree… but left it too long now.  The apples that are there are all scabby… dammit!  I also need to prune it this fall as there are some crossed branches and two of the main branches need cutting back.  It is a five-in-one: five varieties on a dwarf stock.  Only two are setting fruit this year.  I think the other branches need to be more mature or something.  They all bloomed, but only the two varieties have set fruit.

It has been very windy so far this year… typical summer weather.  Insidious wind, non-stop, day in and day out… blowing and blowing…

Mom’s been pretty calm today – no whining about pain and not too many toilet trips.  She started to sit up with her feet on the floor to do her puzzles and sit in a dining room chair to read.  And sat on the window seat to soak up the heat of the sun while admiring our clematis.  Which really deserve to be admired!

Can anyone explain to me why there are blooms on this one plant with three petals, four petals, five petals and six petals???

We have a clematis on each side of the front stairs climbing wrought iron obelisks, and also for added support we have on one side a shepherd’s hook style plant hanger and on the other side an old wire cd stand!

Our petunias are also doing well… a couple more weeks and they should be spread out and filling the entire bed.

We got to the garden centre late in the season so all they had left for Wave Petunias were white… and one mystery flat that had lost the label.  We took the mystery flat which turned out to be the striped ones.  And one flat of regular petunias in “lilac” which you can see in the back.

I don’t think I ever posted a photo of our new bamboo floors… things got a bit hectic just as the renovations finished with mom having her stroke and all…   so here it is…

We really love it!


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