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another day in the life

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I honestly thought going back to an office job would be “easier” on my physically… boy, was I wrong!

I have pain in my arm from reaching to the calculator, pain in both hands from counting, sorting and rolling money, shoulder pain from carrying bundles of coin, stiff back, hips and knees from the chair that doesn’t fit me and sitting for long stretches.  And my head gets foggy after about 6 hours of counting and number crunching.

I still get some exercise – going up and down stairs to fetch drops and go to the safe. 

It is all getting easier as I get more familiar with the paperwork, and it is kind’ve a kick to be handling all that cash.

Mom’s been doing pretty well.  She has a lot of pain in her shoulder, but Amy has been helping her exercise everyday and when they over-do it she suffers.  She can shift her arm around now and flex her hand.  There’s no strength but she can move them!

She also is able to bend her left knee when “walking” which is a great improvement!  It all means that her brain is sending signals that are being received… so with work and time she should be able to gain back her mobility!

She’s impatient though.  Wants to use the walker but she can’t until both hands work.

I’m really hoping the weather will turn soon… we’ve been hot and humid lately with massive thunder storms and downpours.  Our power was out on Monday night for several hours.  When it is 28C, humid and your AC is off… it is NOT fun!


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