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the downsizing worked

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At my gig on Saturday I test drove my “new” downsized kit… one case to transport – and everything fits in/on it.  Didn’t take as long to set-up and I only took 10 minutes to clean-up, pack-up and get the car loaded!

This is what I did to my palettes – like my teal duct tape?

I’ve still got all my Jumbo palettes and will be using them when the job requires more than one painter but for now I’m going to work with these two. 

Neither of them I actually bought – I won the round one (it was full of Snazaroo at the time) and the large one I traded for.  The plastic they are made out of is very flimsy and cracks easily but the duct tape really helps to stabilize them.  They are expensive for what they are and honestly I would not have spent money to buy them, but am quite happy with them at the moment seeing as they were “free”.

Last weekend I got my annual sunburn… At least once a year I forget to put on sunscreen and end up with badly burned hands.  I call it Face Painter’s Sunburn.

I wear a long-sleeved white Tilley shirt (has UV protection in the fabric) so my burns are always on the backs of my hands… you can see the white where my watch protected my wrist on the left hand.

My hands really look old… damn it!!  The burn was puffy and the skin was stretched like shrink-wrap.  The burn has now faded and I’m turning back to my usual rather pale shade. 

At my job last night I think I painted about 10 kids and 2 adults – in three hours.  They paid my full hourly rate plus a $50 tip… everyone had at least two paintings, some four!  Faces, arms, necks…  And I spent quite a long time after I set up in conversation with a 10-year-old boy about Transformers and Pokemon while we waiting for everyone to come in off the course.

I do this corporate event most years (last year they didn’t book me for some reason) and I think this was the 5th or 6th time – it is a company golf tournament and a family event. Everyone has been having a “good time” by the time I get there so the adults are usually into it.  It was a smaller group this year.  They always invite me to stay for dinner too… a really nice group.


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