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boy am I tired

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Well, it is Friday and I just finished my first full week in my new day-job. 

Turns out I am working in the Cash Office – all day counting money, balancing, preparing deposits, floats, etc.  ALL DAY!  And as I am still new and learning things got a bit back-logged this week – the gal who was in the position is training on another position .

Today was the best day as I actually managed (with a lot of help!) to get through to the end of day stuff and even lock-up the safe.  Since I HAVE to get home due to mom’s caregiver being off work I was having to leave before things were done so the gal training me finished up – she is there super early and stays late it as she takes transit so isn’t in any hurry.

However, I HAVE to be able to do my job myself, so I spoke to my supervisor about modifying my hours so that I can allow time for dealing with “fixing” and balancing issues.  She agreed to let me, so theoretically, I should have a buffer of an hour to either fix any work related problems before leaving for the day, and/or run errands before heading home if I am finished on time. 

Once I learn this position I will then be splitting my week doing three days in the Cash Office and two days working for the Credit Manager (I think doing Collections.)  That’s what I’ve been told.

I’ve been a bit groggy though… mom’s been waking me up at night.  She did sleep well for a couple of them, but the others were bad – Wednesday night she woke me up every frickin’ hour.  I was NOT a happy person and I’m afraid I got a little cranky with mom.  I mean, she DOES NOT have to actually pee, she just gets “cramps” in her abdomen so thinks sitting on the commode will help… She can sleep during the day – I’m trying to learn a completely new job and need to be alert…

Tomorrow I have a gig in the afternoon and a new caregiver will be here to take care of mom while I’m out. 

We are supposed to get up to 28C tomorrow so I’m trying to figure out what to wear – my usual outfit is for sun and mosquito protection BUT for 28C it is a little too warm.


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