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I’m downsizing… [gasp]

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I’ve decided to downsize my working kit. 

I know, I know… I can hear the thumps of people who know me hitting the floor as they faint in shock.  🙂 

But, now that I am hauling mom (literally) along with me on public venue gigs I really have way too much stuff.  Because with mom comes her wheelchair, cushions, blankets, walker/cane, her lawn chair with the awning, extra jackets, water and snacks. 

Add that to my usual rolling toolbox, shopping cart, a-frame sign, display unit, and my extra clothing (and if needed tattoo kit, etc.)… well, it is just too much stuff! 

After using the Snazaroo 54 Pro-Palette on my last two gigs (first was because I was working with Amy and we used it with my regular palettes so we didn’t have to reach across the table, and second was when I used it with my split cake palette and didn’t bother with my jumbo palettes at all) I have decided it works perfectly well (once I reinforced it and loaded it with colours of my choice) and saves lots of room. 

I need to switch out a couple of things – I don’t use Snaz orange much at all so will move that cake out of the large hole, and maybe replace with another black – so I’d have one Snaz and one Kryolan. Or maybe Yellow Ochre as I use a lot of that. 


Since I reinforced it with duct tape it is now stable enough to fit in my shopping trolley on end, at the back against the upright metal of the trolley structure held tight by the rest of the stuff in the cart.  The metal of the trolley prevents the palette from being stressed or bent. 

I also decided to make use of my Snaz round palette which has been sitting in my stockpile as I didn’t have any use for it.  I’d emptied it out of the Snaz that came in it some time ago.  After reinforcing it with duct tape too, I filled it with six UV colours, a selection of Kryolan Interferenz, two Grimas (Pearl silver and Silver metallic) and Wolfe White and Red. 

I’ve actually got more colours now than I did in my jumbo palettes (72 plus 10 split cakes in my paint saver palette.) 

My toolbox (L) and shopping trolley (R)


I also decided that anything in my kit that I was not putting out on the table when working does not need to be carried.  So, I am looking around the house for a container to hold the smaller items that are essential.  

I think I may have found it – a shoe storage drawer (those stackable clear plastic ones).  I bought a couple on sale to store mom’s meds in but only need one for that. 

Now I’m about to do a dry run on getting all the small items in and making sure they fit into my box in place of the jumbo palettes or…? 

I’ll test drive the “new” kit this Saturday at a small corporate booking – steady but not crazy, so I can adapt things as I work without worrying about speed and see how it is to transport – and if I forgot anything.


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