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Its the little things

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Why do we, well most of us, fine little things cute?

I had to take this photo last Saturday when I was working at Chautauqua Days in a small town north of here… I was instructed to stop painting during the parade and since I was set-up on the parade route I got to watch it.

Now, this is a SMALL town… the parade lasted 25 minutes, had one marching band, a bunch of old tractors and antique cars, two horses with riders (one of them a local rodeo queen), all of the town’s emergency vehicles (apparently last year the fire trucks had to leave the parade in the middle of it for a fire!) and lots of local business floats throwing candy… and this entry…


And this next picture is of my Leetle Friend… I was typing away on the computer one day and there was a movement out of the corner of my eye … I looked over to my left and there she was sitting on my pocket calculator on my desk right beside me.

I’ve got no idea what type of spider she is… but I am perfectly happy with spiders on/in/around my desk and house.  They eat other bugs and that is fine with me.

I’d actually like to get a mouse eating spider too… Anyone have one?


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