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Oops I did it again…

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Why is it that every summer I have to go and get second degree sunburn at least once????

Today we were provided with a shelter – one of those “car tents” – with white awning.  We were shaded and the breeze was still blowing through… but it was up to 28C.

I assumed (stupid I know) that the shade from the awning was some protection so I didn’t put on my hat or sunscreen my hands.

My hands are so burned that my skin has “shrunk” and looks like red shiny shrink-wrap… I can barely type, and my ears are burning… literally.

AND… I had painted a flame on one cheek (we were painting at a local town’s fire department anniversary) … and it is still there now, only it is white and the rest of the face is red…

[sigh] You’d think by now I’d know better.

Mom is fine, she was sitting in her special green lawn chair with the huge built-in awning – dark green thick canvas – at least she was protected from the sun.

The people running the event were really great and kept bringing us cold water and brought mom food too.

And the mosquitos were many and annoying and my bug spray ran out
right away…

We were set up on a gravel parking area and the dirt got all over everything… my new black canvas toolbox cover got filthy… I need to check with CJ to make sure I can machine wash it.

I was doing my “Fast Faces” option today so had my display out for that.  It really does make things move along faster… but people were still waiting in line for over two hours… in the sun, lining up across the road (it was blocked off for the party), and hardly any complaining and no crying kids either.

I also decided to only use the Snaz 56 pro palette instead of setting out all my jumbo palettes… I had to reinforce the tray of the pro palette with a ton of duct tape (in teal!) before I could actually use it and transport it.  So with that and my paint-saver split cake palette I did today’s job.  Worked fine – even with the tiny cakes to load sponges from. 

My tack sponges are a little narrower that the usual “face painting” sponges so I didn’t have any trouble getting them in the smaller holes.

It has got me thinking about down sizing… [gasp] 🙂

Which reminds me, I’d better go get the tray out of the car and set it out to dry out… most of the paints “melted” and need to solidify again!


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