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You can meet the nicest people in the face painting industry on the internet!

I would never have thought that I would have friends in so many places around the world only 15 years ago.  And who knew that becoming a make-up artist/face painter would offer opportunities for world travel?

My most recent amazing person is CJ… I won’t reveal anything else to identify her as I don’t know if she wants to be flooded with requests.

We met on one of the face painting forums, she is ex-military as I am, and has a fantastic sense of humour… we hit if off pretty well.  I once gave her a stern talking to when she was moaning about her perceived lack of ability (total bunk!) and she pulled herself together like the intelligent woman that she is.

One topic that was discussed early on was her crafting obsession and her supplies and it was suggested that she could make things for face painters.  My idea was a cover/caddy for putting over my toolbox to hold things… she asked for sketches, which I sent her, of my idea.

Well… in the mail last Friday I got a parcel… and in it was “Shannon’s saddle bag” – totally awesome!!!  I gave it a test drive at Chautauqua Day last Saturday and it was really handy!  No more tissue boxes falling off the toolbox top or sitting there so people help themselves without asking,  my wipes stayed damp as they were out of the wind, the signs were right there for the parents to read (as they don’t read the one set out front!), my water bottle was secure and not likely to get knocked over, and pockets to hold my papers, mints, pencil, invoice book, cards… etc.

She even sent me a set of the plans – CAD renderings I think?  Or something like it – lays out the pattern exactly for cutting, etc.  Not that I’m likely to fire up a sewing machine (the last time I used one was in Grade 9… and my mom ended up finishing my project for me… shhh, don’t tell my Home Economics teacher!)

CJ even stocked it with some brushes and chocolate!! 

And it folds up flat and slides into my tote.  Fantastic!!  CJ, you rock.  I’d hug you if you were here… and buy you a drink, hell, I’d buy you the whole bottle!

And here it is…


3 thoughts on “Friends

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  2. Rest? What’s that?

    Things are settling – have a caregiver hired and a back-up person (her ex-sister-in-law who actually works for someone else using the same program)and am taking mom with me on some gigs as she can still wash brushes with her good hand.

    But rest… not likely.

  3. What a goo didea! clever stuff,it look so neat as well, must give this a go in the dark winter nights, Is life settling down? do you have your carer in place now? hope you are managing to get some rest, anne xxx

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