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So cute

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I painted at a birthday party several weeks ago and one of the boys (a cousin of the birthday girl) got painted with the “Bat Mask” design.   His mom inquired if I was available for a date at the end of the month and I was already booked and told her, but that I could manage a later time of 5 p.m.

She subsequently called and booked me for a 5 p.m. birthday party and the theme was Batman.  She told me he loved the face painting he’d had at his cousin’s party.

She even made party invitations using a photo she had taken of the face painting from the earlier party… isn’t this cute?


Since it was a themed Batman party I decided to paint something appropriate – I didn’t want to paint the mask as I figured the kids would want that, so I created a Bat Signal on myself… and the other side is a Spidey style eye design.

So, the party decor was all Batman… Batman pinata too!

Guess what the birthday boy got painted as?



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