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Nothing is constant but change

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Today I accepted a term position in the administration office of the store where I currently work in the bakery.  One of the clerks is leaving on Mat Leave and the term position is for one year.  It is 40 hours per week plus the odd Saturday as overtime. 

I will still be doing the bakery statistics as a bakery employee once a week (probably on my lunch “break” as it only takes an hour a week to catch up) which will keep me on the bakery payroll as staff there for when the term position ends, I hope, so I can go back.

1. Higher rate of pay than current, with increase in 3 months

2. Regular 8-5 M-F schedule makes life a bit simpler at home for scheduling MY staff!

3. Saturdays are somewhat flexible with other staff for rotation so should not be an issue conflicting with FP gigs.

4. Will be home for dinner with mom everyday and able to watch regular television again!  YAY!

The Self-Managed Care program has provided us with funding as of June 1st to hire our own caregiver and I spend Monday getting set-up with the government as an employer. 

Today I’ve been busy creating spreadsheets for payroll and time sheets, a job description and getting the appropriate government forms together for our “staff” who will start work on Saturday.  Luckily I am experienced with payroll and the whole process so just recreated some of the forms I used to use.

The SMC program provides us with a monthly amount which goes into a dedicated account and is only used to pay for the care of mom.  It includes the employer’s contributions and insurance and reasonable advertising costs for vacant positions.  We get audited every three months.

So… we’ve got mom’s care paid for by the government and I am back to a 40 hour work week and the subsequent increase in pay!

Now all I have left to figure out is when I get a rest… cause when I’m home I am caring for mom.  Once we entered the Self Managed Care program we don’t have access to Respite Care services anymore – as we have been given the funds to manage our own staff.  So if I want a break I have to pay someone out of the funds provided.


I think it will be cheaper to hire someone to mow the lawn…


One thought on “Nothing is constant but change

  1. congrats! on the job and funding to care for mom.

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