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reinforcements have arrived!

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My sister Shari arrived yesterday to stay until we get (we are thinking positive!) the funding and can hire someone to stay with mom when I’m away.

She came with one of her dogs – Bruno, a 4 lb Yorkie – who has very bad separation anxiety.  He’s cute and took to me right away.  Shari said that was strange as he is scared of everyone. 

He is terrified of our bamboo floors  – which is FINE WITH ME!!!!  Stops him from piddling or pooping on it!!!  He stands on the kitchen mat whimpering for someone to go and get him…

I finally got a chance to mow the lawn today since Shari was here to stay in the house to take care of mom.  Front and back – the dandelions are pretty much in control now.  They are pretty but have started to go to seed… With the snow over the weekend they had all closed up, but I chopped off most of their heads today!

Had to put the mower on the highest setting and then go over the front lawn again on a lower setting to make it look good.  The back yard just got a once over as it is huge and I was too tired to do the whole thing again on a lower setting.

Then I ran around jumping on anthills to get them swarming up so I could dump ant powder all over the little beggars!  Five really big hills had to be attacked today.  Two that I doused the last time I mowed were showing no activity today – probably moved to the new hills I discovered today.

Was also able to run over to the store  to grab some veggies and other groceries.   The in-store Starbucks was giving out free samples of some really great double chocolate with white chocolate with a shot of vanilla something… really nice!  I got my usual green tea frappachino and got Shari a cafe vanilla frappachino.

I got a birthday party booking confirmed today for this Saturday… so far in May I’ve done more birthdays than I’ve done in some years!!  Which is great as I am using the cash to pay mom’s babysitter!

I had a lot of work inquiries last week – two for body painting (didn’t pan out as they were short notice), a last-minute birthday (their booked entertainer cancelled) that I couldn’t take, the birthday I booked for Saturday, and booked a fair for August (a repeat customer.)

Oh yeah… an update on the Purity Soap!  Both mom and I are using it to wash ourselves and our hair.  My hands were like sandpaper from the cloths and sanitizers I use at work at the bakery – after washing with the Purity soap I immediately noticed that my hands felt softer.  After 4 days they are visually better too now!  My hair also feels fuller and fluffier – my cowlicks are taking over and it almost looks curly.  Mom said her hair feels nicer and she isn’t itching as much.

I gave my sister a bar to try (at a great personal sacrifice) and take home.  My BIL has psoriasis and alopecia so she thinks it may be better for him than what he uses now.  Would be nice if it was soothing for him.


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