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Getting your sponges clean


I’ve always kept my face painting sponges clean.  And I’ve been successful in preventing staining generally by always keeping my used sponges wet by putting in a bucket of water after I’ve used them, and then dumping my “dirty” water into the bucket as I work.  Keeping them wet prevents the paint from drying into the pores of the sponge.

Then, when I got home,  I would wash in very hot water with Ivory Soap, rinse and then machine wash.  My tack sponges always came clean (except for Wolfe UV Pink – that always lingered!)

However, I’ve been using some generic and Snazaroo high density sponges over the last couple of years (I had tons of them so figured I may as well use them) and these do tend to hold some colours no matter how hard I cleaned them.

Ivory soap is generally an excellent soap for cleaning brushes and sponges and I’ve always had good results.  But it just wasn’t getting some of the stains out of the light coloured high density foam sponges.

Today I tried a new soap – made by my friend Larissa.  She and her husband have a company called Reef Botanicals and they hand make soap and other related products.

They make a pure castile soap they call “Purity.”  I ordered some from her – we have lots of allergies and sensitive skin so I thought it would be good to try.  Other face painters have also been raving about how well it works to wash sponges too.

So, today, I took all my working kit sponges – chose four that were particularly stained and photographed them for before and after – and washed the whole lot.

As you can see from the photos below IT WORKS!!!

After I’d washed all the light coloured sponges I dumped the soapy water from that bucket into the bucket of tack sponges and squeezed a few times – even though they were not “stained” the water turned latte coloured and they all look a lot brighter.

Now I do have to say that not all the stains are gone – specifically DFX Purple from the rainbow cakes didn’t budge and the Wolfe UV Pink still lingers on the tack sponges, and some random green splotches on the light coloured sponges, BUT all in all this soap CLEANS!!

To find out more about Reef Botanicals click on the icon – tell Larissa I sent you!!


2 thoughts on “Getting your sponges clean

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  2. Wow, I’m glad it worked so well! Thank you for featuring us!

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