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Oh well…

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So I had great intentions to get back to face painting and working on getting my second e-book out… but reality has set in.

Since mom came home on April 15th I have not had a minute to myself.  Mom needs to be assisted with everything and it can take three hours in the morning for her to get settled (meaning – I have to get her to the toilet over and over and over… eleven times in three hours is pretty average.)  I have no time to do anything…

I haven’t had a hot coffee in a month… I pour it, but never get  a chance to drink it.  And trying to do anything is impossible as I will get mom settled in her chair, turn to head to the kitchen and she will call out that she needs to go again…

At least the 10 times a night call outs have stopped… she had a UT infection and once they got her on antibiotics it stopped the all night urges… we’ve actually slept through the entire night (well, if you consider 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. an entire night….) the last four nights.

Home Care has provided aides to stay with mom when I go to work or have a gig, and we’ve also got someone we know who is willing to take on the job and is coming to stay now as well.  They are here when I am at work – then leave when I come home.

That isn’t actually giving me any time off as when I come in the door Mom wants to go to the toilet, NOW, and then she usually is in pain and uncomfortable.  I usually don’t have a chance to change or sit and relax for at least an hour or two, then even if I get a brief rest, she then needs to be taken to bed…

I’ve been staying up about an hour after she falls asleep, just to veg out… and tidy the house before going to bed.

On my so-called day’s off I try to get the housework and yard work done but can’t even try to get started until she gets settled which is usually just before noon…

Afternoons are easier as she often naps, particularly after getting some Tylenol.

Thankfully I work in a grocery store bakery so I can pick-up groceries on my breaks as there is no more just popping out to get things… without the whole planning thing of getting mom into the car, etc.

Our method of getting her out of the house and into the car is actually pretty easy and fast (although I’m sure the hospital Physio would be horrified… but I don’t care!) it just involves a lot of preparation.  And then, mom gets uncomfortable sitting in any position for any length of time.

I can’t leave her even for 15 minutes.  Her judgement is not fully operational and she WILL try to get up on her own which we do not want as she will fall.

The only face painting I’ve been doing is on-the-job… the birthday party last week was all butterflies except for the two zombies… (I don’t care what anyone says – kids don’t have any imagination anymore!)

Today we did go out – when mom FINALLY gave up trying, we were able to leave the house around 11:30 and ran a bunch of errands and even went to lunch at Moxies!  Mom managed pretty good. 

She got her hair cut (we transferred her to the stylists chair for that), we had lunch, shopped a bit at the mall, looked for a book holder for her strong enough to hold a Stephen King so she can read it, stopped at AMA to renew my D/L, stopped at Safeway to pick-up a few groceries, the vets for dog food for my sister’s Yorkie (they are arriving on the 23rd), stopped at the theatre to pick up a cheque, at the bank to deposit it… and were home in under 3.5 hours.  She did well.

She is watching Murder, She Wrote now so I’ve got a chance to get on the computer while the laundry and dishwasher are going… I still have to get clean sheets on the beds and sweep.  And make dinner.

Anne and I have been discussing ways to get the second e-book out – perhaps in a different format.  I have it pretty much written and the vast majority of the photography is done… it is just the issue of having time to edit and format the photos and SBS layouts that is the hold-up.  We will get it figured out…

Once my sister is here on the 23rd I hope to have some time to get to work on it.  She is planning to stay until July so if we get a system going in the household I should have time to get at a few projects while she is here.


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  1. Hey, I may not stay the whole six weeks, Depends on whether you get approval or not!!!!!

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