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Coming up with a new design

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When I first started face painting I copied other people’s designs.  And for the first year, approximately, most of my face paintings were pretty much based on other people’s ideas (from books and the internet) with a few additions of my own.

Once I figured out what I was doing with the tools and products I started to play around on my own and come up with my own ideas from the original source – like photos of animals – instead of copying other people’s work.

It is so much more satisfying to create something that you know is YOUR work as opposed to a copy.

There are occasions when you get stumped – as in a llama (who wants to be a llama???) but generally if you can find photos of the real thing, be it an animal or an alien, you can manage to put it on a kid’s face!

Here is how I came up with the design for the Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland…

The process is the same no matter what I am designing.  It isn’t rocket science!!  And it really doesn’t take long… a few minutes on the computer using Google Images, and I can sit in front of the TV watching CSI while I draw my version on a template… then I just have to find someone to paint it on!


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