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Mom’s home!

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We picked Mom up this morning – she’s home for good.  She’s much more relaxed this time… she was so worked up last weekend about not wanting to go back to the hospital that she wouldn’t relax.

She was able to get into the RAV4 pretty easily, just was a little wobbly getting out at home – didn’t realize how much of a slope we have near the house door on the driveway!

Physio did approve and request a “walker cane” for her from the Red Cross – it is to assist with transfers in awkward spots (not for walking… yet!)  We used it to get her out of the car and into the house.

Our “own” commode is being shipped from Edmonton and will arrive tomorrow (our portion was $150.) 

OT and Homecare are ordering a wheelchair… We took the loaner from the Red Cross into the hospital on Tuesday so that the Occupational Therapist could adjust the footrests – one worked fine the other she struggled with for about 20 minutes!!  But now they are set for transporting over curbs, etc!

We have to pay a portion of all the costs for the aides  – basically $500 deductible per year which ends June 30th.  Which is fine, but if the wheelchair doesn’t arrive before June 30th then we have to pay another $500 for the new year…

With the program that we have here the equipment is “purchased” for you – it may be new or it may be “recycled” at a lower cost.  You have it for your use permanently but, if you no longer need it or die, or move out of province it has to be returned.

The hospital faxed Mom’s prescriptions over to the pharmacy so we stopped there to pick-up everything… a whole shopping bag full including all the supplements… we’ll keep on the program for now, but once she sees our family doctor we will see if all the supplements are REALLY necessary.

They are going to set-up for Homecare to come to do bloodtests every three days – the warfarin levels need to be monitored.  Eventually the timing will change… to once a week, once a  month… so they tell us.

I’ve been lecturing mom about staying up for a reasonable time (not going to bed at 7 p.m.!) so that I can get some uninterrupted sleep BEFORE she wakes me up to pee during the night… We’ll have to wean her off the hospital schedule.

I’ve got a chicken roasting and she’s harassing me about when it will be ready … she is so over hospital food!!


One thought on “Mom’s home!

  1. Shannon, I’m so happy that your mom is back home! All of us on the facepainting forums & lists have been rooting for her!
    Sheryl N-D

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