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I’m so tired…

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It is Saturday night.  Mom came home yesterday afternoon for her “weekend pass” before being discharged for good next Thursday.

On Thursday Mom came home for about 6 hours and the OT from Homecare came to go through the house and make sure Mom could move around and use the bathroom, that the bed was suitable and she brought a bed rail and a wheeled commode.

The bed rail wasn’t suitable – it slid between the mattress and box spring but when mom leaned on it the mattress flipped up as it is a foam rubber type.  So I had to go to the homecare office yesterday morning to pick-up a different style that actually attached to the bed frame and then installed it.

And the commode, which was really neat, we weren’t allowed to keep.  She said she would be ordering us one with wheels (we have to pay a portion of the cost) but would try to find us one for the weekend.  It turned out to be a stationary one which I picked up yesterday too.  Along with a handle/grip that attached to the side of the bathtub.

I am very glad that I was off work for the weekend (except for doing make-up for Charlie Brown) as I am completely exhausted already.

Mom is still pretty weak and needs assistance with everything.  She woke me up three times during the night to use the toilet…  The second time I figured out leaving the commode in the bathroom instead of the bedroom was a stupid idea!!

I didn’t get to sleep easily in the first place because I was listening for her… well, I was worried! AND she had most of my pillows to support her arm, leg, etc.  She used to only use one and I had 4-6, so I was a bit uncomfortable. I fixed that problem by running out this morning and buying 4 new pillows!  And found an Obusform back support AND gel seat cushion… hopefully they will make her more comfortable.

My aunt has been great – gave mom a massage today and is making sure she is comfortable, toileting, etc.

The hospital gave me a big ziploc bag with all her meds in for the weekend… turns out she is on only THREE prescriptions meds!  The rest are just supplements and regular OTC stuff (baby aspirin and Tylenol).  A blood thinner, a heart med and a pain med.

I had arranged tickets for us all to go see Charlie Brown tonight – had to book the “wheelchair seating” which consists of a part of the first row which they remove.  They actually take three seats out of the row to accommodate wheelchairs.

I arranged to get this seating for tonight and got tickets for my aunt and I too.  I loaded the wheelchair in the car before I ran over to the theatre to do hair and make-up, then, left early to come home to get mom and my aunt and go back to the theatre in time to be seated before it started.

I got home, backed up so the passenger door was open next to the house front door to transfer mom… and my aunt came to the door to say mom was in bed and didn’t want to go as her shoulder was hurting too bad.

As Charlie would say…  “ARGH!”

I was disappointed as she would love the show… but she said the shoulder hurt too much to sit for three hours.

I decided to take a nap to catch up on my lost sleep last night, seeing as I didn’t have to go back to the theatre now.  Caught almost two hours BUT I feel worse now… I think I’ll go take a couple of Tylenol for the aches and pains.


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