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Maybe we can get back to normal soon

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The OT and Homecare people, AND MOM, are coming over Thursday morning to, what I assume is, assess the house and determine what equipment etc. we need.

Then they are kicking her home on a 48 hour pass on Friday.

They set the time for the visit BEFORE I confirmed it was even possible.  I TOLD THEM IN THE MEETING that I needed to make sure my aunt could be here by then.  She is able to (will arrive Tuesday), but, I had not communicated that information to anyone before they informed mom that she was going home for the 9th & 10th.

This is so annoying. 

So, they are coming to assess the house Thursday, and then sending mom home for two days the next day… Excuse me, but how the hell are we going to be able to have things ready.. oh, the little things like rails in the bathroom, a frame on the existing bed or a new bed, get a commode and/or toilet seat riser… Huh???  Like WHEN will that be able to be done seeing as she’s being sent home the next day???

What if things aren’t suitable? 

They did order a wheelchair loan from the Red Cross that I went and picked up on Thursday… it is really old and looks horribly uncomfortable.  But, at least it is small enough to fit through the hall…

No one has said anything to us about mom’s rehab schedule once she’s home either.  I would like to know what the plan is… Mom says she thinks she is supposed to go EVERY DAY cause there are other people who come in everyday.  She’s not impressed with that idea. 

I’m hoping to get back into my regular face painting theme for this blog soon… hopefully once my aunt is here and mom’s settled in I can get back at working on my new book The Art of Face Painting which has been delayed due to all the fun we’ve been having here.


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