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Mom’s coming home!

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We had a meeting at the hospital this morning… to discuss Mom.  Me and mom, and the social workers, therapists and nurses.

I had been told by the Physio last week that she didn’t feel mom was able to be left alone at all and she was strongly suggesting an assisted living facility. 

So mom and I discussed things, I went to the one (top end) facility and got their information package … couldn’t afford it on any level.  So we talked about other options – getting someone to live-in, etc.

I decided to call one of my aunts to ask if she would be willing to come and stay with us to help mom.  She didn’t hesitate to say yes, said just let her know when.  It was such a relief to know that was solved.

Anyway, at this meeting they discussed mom’s progress and the physio said she has concerns that mom won’t get enough strength back in her leg to be able to stand and walk on her own.  Inferring that mom will require care forever.

I made the point that my aunt was here for now… that we will see how mom progresses and we will decide at a future date if/when we need to make changes, move, etc.  But we will deal with it when we need to and not in a rush.

I also stressed that this is not just mom’s house, but mine too, and it requires both of us to maintain it financially… so that is something we need to deal with ourselves in our own time. 

Mom’s made amazing progress and she’s stubborn… she’ll show ’em!

I asked about mom’s heart condition and the head nurse said that there haven’t been anymore episodes so it looks like they’ve got the medication levels right.

We also talked about our house and accessibility… so they are supposed to set-up an appointment for someone from occupational therapy to come to the house, and mom is supposed to be here, to assess it and determine what needs to be set-up.

I’m not happy about the wheelchair being dragged up the new bamboo stairs… neither is mom!  But that’s what the physio says will have to be done… I’ve got to see if I can get pads of some sort for the stairs to protect them… After spending all that money on this floor they are NOT destroying it!!

The discharge date they set is April 15.  And between then and now they want mom to come home on a 48 hour pass… I’m feeling a bit rushed though.  I had a plan for getting things done and moved around, and they are completely rolling over me. 

I’d arranged with my uncle for him to come over on Friday to help me with taking apart some furniture and moving beds around.  I was going to start moving mom’s stuff into her new room and get things shifted.  And get the suite downstairs ready for my aunt.

Mom really wants to get home, and I want her back, so I’ll deal with it.  I called my aunt this morning and she’s going to be here on Tuesday… she’ll have to be here for mom’s 48 hour visit as I have to work and have a show running.

One thing I’ve noticed about them is that they really don’t take into consideration your schedule… I keep having to butt in and say if I am available or not. 

Mom’s biggest thing is … getting home and using the toilet!  That’s been her theme through this whole ordeal… it started when she woke me up whimpering because she had to go to the bathroom… so I got her to the toilet before calling the Paramedics… then, when she was drugged up at the hospital and in ICU every time she opened her eyes she would tell me she had to use the toilet…


One thought on “Mom’s coming home!

  1. Great news, Shannon! It’s really great that your aunt will be there for awhile. Once you get into some sort of schedule life will be ever so much better for all of you! It’s a good thing that you are a strong person, or they’d run right over you, wouldn’t they?

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