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I have to tell you that “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” is amazing!!! What a cast!  Everyone of them is an amazing singer and performer!  And the set design is fantastic – it is the comic strip on flats.

What I love about working musicals is the free concerts backstage!  A couple of the guys bring guitars and they play stuff from every genre and everyone sings along… I love it!

Mom will really enjoy it. 

She’s doing pretty good but from what I’m being told in passing, the rehab therapists don’t think she will be able to be home alone.  So when she comes home she is going to have to have someone with her to assist and/or spot her.  She’s not steady enough to be trusted to move herself around.

The physio showed up yesterday after I arrived.   Mom had a later session than usual.  It came up about me coming  to her sessions… neither mom nor I see the reason for this and I spoke up about it.  We had arranged for me to go twice last week – the first time I showed up the physio had rescheduled the time and no one bothered to let me know, and the second time I went and just sat there and watched.  I really can’t see any reason for that and I said so.  I said it was great to be able to see progress but I didn’t see the point in more than once a week or every other week.

I made the point that I visit mom EVERY DAY but it has to work with MY schedule – I try to visit on my way to work or on the way home so that I am only making one trip.  Gas costs money.

The therapist did say that I needed to learn how to assist mom.  I again mentioned that I had grip issues and, while I was happy to learn how, that it could be a problem.  And honestly, I’ve been helping mom from the moment it happened… and on many occasions helped her into bed or into her chair or commode when the staff didn’t come… and I’ve watched the nurses and therapists doing it everyday for the last 78 days!!  I think I probably have a pretty fair idea about how to do it by now.  But hey, I’ll go and be trained … when we are ready to get mom home.

I did go to mom’s Occupational Therapy session the other day for a half hour of it as I had a bit of time before I had to leave for work.  They are really working on her balance.

The doctor prescribed more pain medications for her.  Her legs and arm really hurt at night.  He’s got her on a patch which she says seems to be working as she had a good night’s rest finally.

I got a printout of mom’s medications from the unit clerk – I’m going to go to the pharmacist and ask them what it is going to cost us each month.  Mom’s insurance is only partial coverage and the pharmacist will be able to tell me how much we can expect to spend based on what she’s currently on.

We checked out assisted living facilities and we can’t afford them.  Mom’s entire pension income is less than the fees to live in the one facility and I’m not putting her one of the “low rent” places.

Aside from which if she went anywhere other than home I am out on the street – as I cannot maintain this house on my own.  We bought it based on family income!

I’ve been actively applying for a third part-time job but it is a bit tricky as I need something that will fit around my two existing part-time jobs!  Those use up evenings and weekends which most part-time work  around here consists of! 

We had a long talk yesterday and she does want to come home so we talked about options.  Finding someone who would be willing to accept room and board in exchange for being with mom when I’m at work.  There is no housework involved, just being there for company as assisting her to the toilet,  getting her something to eat and drink if I am out for a full shift.

And even in a wheelchair mom could still come on a lot of my gigs with me… most corporate jobs are accessible.  And she can still wash brushes with her right hand!!  No really!!

If my sister lived here… this would be moot cause she could come over when I was away.  But it sucks not having any family in the area…

I’ve actually had a couple of people say… can’t your sister move up here to take care of her?  Ah.. oh sure, she can ditch her career, husband, 4 dogs, her home to live in our basement to take care of mom… yeah, why didn’t I think of that…

In the UK apparently they have a program whereby if you have a relative who needs care you can quit your outside employment and the government pays you to stay home and be the caregiver… now that is a great idea.  But, of course, we don’t have anything like that.

What we have here is a program that IF your relative is going to die within a set period of time and the doctor signs a form saying they’ll be dead in, say, 3 months, you can get EI for six weeks to care for them… oh, and if you have other family members you can “share” the EI with them… for the whole six weeks or whatever it is.

There is also the bathroom renovation issue.  If mom is coming home we can manage to get that done… Hopefully it wouldn’t be too much.  The whole issue is access – if the current layout works it is easy to replace the tub with a shower… BUT if the layout doesn’t work the way it is, then, it is a major reno involving moving the door and all the fixtures… And then how long it will take to be done.

I’m supposed to meet with the rehab team on Tuesday morning, hopefully from that I’ll get some actual information and maybe some assistance with figuring this all out.  Apparently there are people who come to the house to assess things and tell you what you need, etc.


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