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Tonight is dress rehearsal for “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

I just spent an hour styling Frieda’s wig… it is now in the downstairs bathroom “drying”.  The vent in that bathroom keeps it really hot and blows hot air down, so it should be dry in a couple of minutes!!  The gel and hairspray needs to solidify so it will hold up for three weeks and 15 installations and removals each!  The less I have to “fix” the better.

The clips are all still holding the curls in position while it dries.  I think it is a pretty good representation given what I had to work with.  I had to use what was available that fit the actresses’ head – and she has a lot of hair to store under the wig too, so this was a very roomy cap and close enough in colour to work. 

Now I’m getting my kit packed up to take over.  A couple of the actresses in the show are assisting with make-up.  Both have helped before (while in the show too) and it is a pretty straightforward make-up show.  Even Snoopy is “normal” make-up.

I’m going to arrange for mom to come to the show one night… she’s keen.  It gets her out and if I arrange it for a Saturday I can park at the hospital and ride over with her on the handi-bus.  Will make me somewhat late for call but I can deal with that.

Bloody snow has started up again… “Spring” means nothing in the Great White North.

The backyard… Anne’s footprints on the deck from March 4th are all but gone.  On Sunday morning the benches didn’t have any snow left on them…

The driveway and front lawn… there was NO SNOW here on Sunday morning… As you can see I cleared the driveway last night, but it needs clearing again.

When I got home after 9 p.m. I was so happy to see that Quad-man had been by and that the sidewalks were all clear.  He is our neighbourhood hero – he’s got a quad with a blade and runs through the whole neighbourhood when there is a significant amount of snow clearing all the sidewalks!  Saves my back a bit of strain.  You can see the ridge at the foot of my driveway where he cut through the snow.


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