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Winter Games Photos

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Anne sent me some of her photos from the Arctic Winter Games…

Here are the Ravens… it was really fun doing them, they ran around the arena acting like Ravens handing out tattoos to people (I designed the tattoos and they had thousands made to give to everyone there and the athletes.)

Did you know that a gathering of Ravens is called an “Unkindness” or a “Congress” depending on what they are doing??? 

I thought the black hoodies were great – the Ravens were a street gang running through the neighbourhood!!  LOL

Anne was fascinated with the local flora and fauna… here is a shot she got of some of our local, more colourful, creatures…

We got several pins from the RCMP display too.  Anne quite got the pin collecting bug.

“You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” opens next week and I should actually be styling Frieda’s wig right now rather than blogging… it is a straight make-up show so no face painting, not even Snoopy!


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