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I went to mom’s Physio session with her today – she was able to stand for 6 minutes, and she walked with the funny cane for about 36 feet.  She is able to lift her left foot up but only for about four seconds at a time, but she could do it repeatedly.

She needs to work on strengthening her hip and leg muscles on the left side but the progress is amazing.

She much better “behaved” too… She says they load on so much praise during the sessions that she feels it is overdone.  But from week to week the progress is fantastic.

I had to go buy her some shoes – with the velcro, so she can do them up herself.

AND… she’s about half way through her Stephen King… and she’s been doing lots of word puzzles in the books I got her!!!  Getting her mind exercised is important too.

I’m very happy.

I have to take measurements at home of the hall width, door widths, bathroom access, and how far from mom’s chair to the toilet… (I had thought this was going to be assessed by someone from one of the programs but guess I have to get going on it…)


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